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Company Takes Lowest Bid: Woman Buys Hummer for $36.65

24. May 2006

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A new online business may be the first auction site where the LOWEST bidder wins. A company called Limbo auctions items off for the lowest bid. If two people text message the same number, they knock each other out. The object is to find a number that no one else chooses and it has to […]

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Star of “The Office” Takes Tumble out of Hummer

16. May 2006

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While filming for the upcoming movie, “Evan Almighty”, actor Steve Carell sprained his ankle while getting out of a Hummer. He’s said to be doing fine, and filming will not be held up. I normally don’t post this kinda thing, but I like “The Office” and I thought it was amusing. Ha!

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2007 Hummer H3 and H3X: Coming Soon with Big Changes

15. May 2006

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The H3 is going to debut soon with some exciting changes for ’07. The engine is getting a boost to 242 HP and 242 Torque — this will definitely increase the ‘oomph’ factor. The exterior colors will change slightly. The Green H3 color has been unavailable for some time, but for 2007, Superior Blue will […]

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Hummer H1 Reaches End of the Road

14. May 2006


Well the rumors were correct. GM announced Friday that they will no longer produce the Hummer H1, built by AM General in Mishawaka, IN. GM will continue to sell the H2 and H3 SUVs that accounted for more than 99% of Hummer’s sales last year. H1 production should end in June. What does this mean […]

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700 HP Hummer H2 Police Car a Fake?

11. May 2006

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Did geigercars really produce a 700 HP Hummer H2? Probably. Was it for a Texas county sheriff? Probably not. Online discussion points out that 1) Tax payers (even in Texas!) wouldn’t go for such an expense — look at those wheels! 2) There’s no name of the county on the entire vehicle — have you […]

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2008 Hummer H2 to get mid-cycle engine and interior upgrade

9. May 2006


It is still anyone’s guess what changes will take place in late 2007 with the release of the 2008 Hummer H2, but GM suggests that the engine and interior will have some changes. Expect to see some changes in the dash and cargo area, and an increase in engine size — the trick will be […]

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Hummer Sales Up Despite High Gas Prices

6. May 2006

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Hummer sales have nearly tripled from a year ago, despite $3-a-gallon gas. The Baltimore Business Journal says people are buying Hummers precisely because of high gas prices — buyers want the world to know they can afford the gas. Another interesting note on vehicle sales: One out of every four vehicles purchased from January to […]

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GM gives 2 Hummers to Heisman winner Bush

2. May 2006

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General Motors Corp. presented Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush with the keys to two Hummer H2 sport utility vehicles at the start of the NFL Draft this past weekend. Bush will be allowed to drive the vehicles for a year. GM had a similar exclusive deal with the NFL during the Super Bowl. At that […]

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