GM CEO Says HUMMER Deal “Can Get Done”

GM Logo In a press conference Friday, GM CEO Fritz Henderson responded to questions about the sale of HUMMER to Sichuan Tengzhong.

“The purchaser for Hummer is going through the approval processes in China,” Henderson said. “We’re cooperating with them. The purchaser is professional, well-advised and has done a huge amount of work. We’re supporting the process. Our expectation is that this deal can get done.”

Henderson’s comments come amid rumors that a sale may be blocked by the Chinese Government.

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  1. We need to tell the Chinese that we as Hummer owners and loyal Americans will not support a Chinese built Hummer.Im done with Hummer when they take over.I will keep my GM built Hummer but when I replace it it will be with a american built truck.I am sick of made in China!

  2. HUMMER Headquarters will remain in the United States, along with production facilities. As the CEO of HUMMER said, think of the Chinese a as private equity investor – not running the operations, just backing it financially.

  3. I find it funny and well ironic. As we Americans complain when something isn’t “Made in America”. Though I agree on the bases of that idea. We need to start to look at the economy as a global economy. The World can not survive without the US and the US can not survive without the World. So lets break down the Hummer sale……

    1) New Owner realizes that they have NO auto industry experience. Marketing, Design and mass production etc. Allowing the Hummer line up to continue to be designed and built in the US will only allow the brand to grow.
    2) If the new Owner allows the brand to fail as a non-commercial vehicle. The name plate will fail as a commercial name. They NEED the non-commercial division to grow and popularity to increase.
    3) NOW US based Hummer brass (once deal is finalized) is done with GM. I’m actually excited to see what the H3 looks like for the 2011 model year, if not 2010 model.

    Keep in mind Rand Rover is India owned and Jeep is now owned by my fellow Ginnys.

  4. Good companies will find opportunities when times are tough and take advantage. The Hummer brand name is strong and this China company sees a big opportunity.

    Unfortunately, the far left media had decided to single out this brand as the example and make it a political thing. If you do any research at all, you find out that the Hummer SUVs and trucks are very comparable in gas mileage of any other brand. I shake my head of all the lack of knowledge the average person has when it comes to big issues of our country. It seems are country is being run by the media and lobbyists….too sad. I value my freedom to do research and make my own decisions. That seems to be disappearing these days.

    My family has a H3, and looking to add a H2 in the near future. They are great vehicles.