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Romanian Designer Creates HUMMER Concept

HUMMER HB Concept Featured

We’re not sure why Romanian designer Andrus Ciprian created his HUMMER concept (since he has no relationship with the brand), but we do think it’s amusing to look at. Ciprian calls the concept vehicle the HUMMER HB, and borrowed many of the design cues from actual HUMMER vehicles and concepts.

The concept is rooted with the HUMMER HX body design, then some of the fenders were smoothed, the rear was cinched up, and the windows made smaller. The door latches, headlights, and skidplate are nearly identical to the actual HX concept.

The large tires look like they were inspired by the two-door HUMMER H3T concept, which had similar red bands going down the middle, and the area below the signature HUMMER 7-slot-grille bears a strong resemblance to the current H2 setup.

While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you’ve got to give the guy credit for taking that much time to create the vehicle. (Hat tip to Mark)

Source: diseno-art.com

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  1. It looks very very strange!

  2. Can you say “Turtle on its back”?

  3. Looks like a rock rig…Joops.

  4. Mehhhh… Not so much.

  5. Wow!!! It has room for ONE suitcase on top. Looks like a great expedition vehicle. I’ll bet the gas tank holds a full 5 gallons.

  6. I like it! Not sure about the rails on the back, however, it does have some interesting lines. Like the front view with the pissed-off window look.