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Quad Cities Online gives Hummer H3 Thumbs Up

Reporter Janee Jackson took an H3 through the test track at her local Hummer dealer, and had nothing but good things to say about the new Hummer H3 — Those chrome wheels have me wondering how much off-roading this particular Hummer will see…The title of her article is Big, bad …

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Hummer Night Vision

You may know that you can install night vision in your H1 and H2, but now anyone can have Hummer night vision. A Texas-based company has created a hand-held monocular that will allow users to see in nearly complete darkness. The new device takes on the Hummer name with the …

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Its no surprise that a new review of the 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha from the people at came back positive. “it won?t take you long to realize what makes the H1 so genuine and why we consider it one of the best factory-built wheelers of all time. ”

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Robotic Hummer Aces Test

The folks at Carnegie Mellon are competing once again in the Defense Department’s challenge to create an autonomous vehicle. Last year none of the competitors finished, including CMU’s Hummer H1 based vehicle. However, the team was off to a promising start this year setting both speed and distance records, traveling …

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Team Hummer Gears Up For Race

Three years after the last ‘Nevada 1000’ race, Rod Hall is optimistic about his chances of a first place finish. Again. Rod says this year’s truck is so fast, during one trial his co-rider even asked him to slow down! Check out the full story at

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H2 Crashes into House

The H2 was traveling at 75mph just before it crashed into the house, and afterward there was ‘little visible damage’ to the H2. However, the occupants were trapped for a little while. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt. And it’s the H3 that has the Hotchkiss suspension, not the H2 …

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