Hummer EV Unveiling Delayed Due To Pandemic

General Motors has scrapped the Hummer EV’s official debut next month due to concerns around Covid-19 pandemic, those familiar with the plans said. Originally, GM had planned to live-stream the unveiling on May 20, 2020, but operations at GM and manufacturing plants are anything but normal right now. We don’t …

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New Hummer Logo: GM Files for Trademark


General Motors may be bringing back Hummer, but it’s not bringing back the old Hummer logo. In February 2020, GM filed for a trademark review of a new Hummer logo. Marketers might refresh a logo for a few reasons. One might be that the logo looks out of date. Another …

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New Hummer Vehicle Spotted at GM Proving Grounds Next to HX Concept

New Hummer Vehicle

The latest in the string of Hummer news comes from, who posted spy photos of the HX concept alongside a Hummer vehicle we haven’t seen before. We know the HX concept was going to be released as the “H4” and look like a cross between the HX concept and …

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Everything we know about the 2021 GMC HummerEV Truck (+ Super Bowl Ads)


(Check back for updates) The news is coming fast and furious around the new GMC HummerEV truck, so we wanted to break down everything we know: Name: GMC HummerEV Official Launch: 5-20-2020 Delayed – Read More Model Year: 2021 Horsepower: 1000 Torque: 11,500 lbs 0-60: 3 Seconds Range: 400 Miles …

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First Picture of GMC-Hummer Truck Leaked

GMC Hummer Truck Grill

(Note: More detailed article now available here) The first image of the new GMC-Hummer truck is now out of the bag. It’s likely a still-frame taken from the Hummer TV commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday. The LED-heavy front Hummer grille looks modern but also has …

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New GMC-Hummer Pickup May Have 1000HP, 400mi Range

GMC-Hummer Specs

(Note: More detailed article now available here) With the new GMC-Hummer pickup set to be announced in just days via a Super Bowl ad featuring LeBron James, new rumors are swirling around what a Hummer truck might entail. According to those familiar with future vehicle plans, the new GMC Hummer …

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GM Commits to Building Electric Trucks with “True Off-Road Capability”

GM Hummer Truck

General Motors will build a full range of electric trucks at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant, including those with “true off-road capability,” according to a press conference this morning. With a wink and nod, he also recommended watching the super bowl, which is rumored to be the platform where GM will announce …

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Hummer Pickup Truck Coming to GMC Lineup

Hummer Electric Truck

GM Reviving Old Brand Name with Hummer Pickup Truck General Motors is bringing back Hummer. Kind of.  The automaker is planning to release a GMC model using the Hummer name.  Sources familiar with the matter say the new Hummer pickup truck will be marketed as “Hummer by GMC.”  GM has …

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In-Depth: Is Hummer Return Inevitable or Wishful Thinking?

Hummer Truck

Rumors abound once again about Hummer’s possible return. This time, however, it seems like there’s a better chance.  We don’t think Hummer will be coming back as a full-fledged brand, but we think an edition or one or two models are possible.  If we’re looking at what’s selling for clues …

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HUMVEE Maker AM General Up For Sale

AM General Humvee C-Series Kit Car

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your military vehicle manufacturing company, here’s your chance. HUMVEE maker AM General has hired an investment bank to seek out potential bidders for the South Bend, IN – based company, according to Reuters. Until HUMMER was shut down, AM General produced the H2 for …

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HUMMER in 2016 – State of the Brand

It’s been a while since we provided a quick ‘state of the brand’ address for HUMMER – largely because there hasn’t been any real significant change (as expected) and the most promising updates we’ve discussed. However, here are a few key points for those looking to catch up on the …

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