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Hummer’s newest H2 commercial

10. October 2007

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Even though the 2008 models have been out for a few months, Hummer hasn’t been promoting them since dealers are still trying to wrap up the 2007 model year. Now Hummer is letting the masses know about the new ‘facelift’ on the 2008 H2 in a commercial called ‘Bandages.’ The 2008 Hummer H2 has an […]

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New Hummer Concept Photo Released?

9. October 2007


It’s got Hummer wheels, the unmistakable Hummer grille, and looks like it’s ready to hit the trails! However, this vehicle is not in Hummer’s future – in fact, as shown, it’s not in any manufacturer’s future. The vehicle is an artist’s rendering of the Jeep Hurricane concept vehicle that was unveiled in 2005 with some […]

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Dallas Hummer welcomes hunting season with camouflage H3

8. October 2007


The Dallas Hummer store has again wrapped a 2008 H3 to welcome in the Texas hunting season (See last year’s 2007 camo H3 here!) . This year, a ‘woodland’ camouflage wrap was chosen for more of a duck-hunting feel. In addition to the Hummer, the dealership set up a hunting boat, and numerous fake hunters […]

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The Switch from Two-Way Radios to CB Radios

3. October 2007

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After hosting several Hummer off-road events (see the write-up on our latest outing), we’ve used several different types of radios. The last few we’ve used two-way handheld radios that we experienced little success. And by little, I mean completely worthless outside of 50 feet. We needed something to communicate clearly between lead trucks, customer vehicles, […]

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Dallas Hummer travels to College Station for Off-Road event

2. October 2007

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Even though some of the roads are a little rough in Dallas, you have to drive a little ways to get into some good, Hummer off-road territory. We drove a little further than usual to hold an event at the beautiful Tonkaway Ranch. And it really is beautiful, just check out the picture I snapped […]

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Update: Vandalized Hummer Repaired

1. October 2007

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Even though Gareth Groves has repaired his Hummer to the tune of $15,000 (luckily he was only out of pocket for the $250 insurance deductible!), he’s refusing to bring it back to the Washington, DC neighborhood where it was vandalized. In July, environmental terrorists attacked the Hummer and carved “FOR THE ENVIRON” deep into the […]

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