New Hummer Concept Photo Released?

It’s got Hummer wheels, the unmistakable Hummer grille, and looks like it’s ready to hit the trails! However, this vehicle is not in Hummer’s future – in fact, as shown, it’s not in any manufacturer’s future. The vehicle is an artist’s rendering of the Jeep Hurricane concept vehicle that was unveiled in 2005 with some added Hummer-like features. Even though it was recognizable after a second glance, the photoshop skills used were definitely impressive! It was over a year ago that GM’s vice chair Bob Lutz announced that a “Hummer branded pickup” may be in the works, only to be followed by numerous sightings of a Hummer pickup mule vehicle. Lutz also confirmed that Hummer’s growth would be with smaller vehicles. However, for now, there are no sneak peeks of what Hummer has up their sleeve beyond what we’ve already seen.

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  1. georgieboysobota

    notice the H3 badge, i bet its like an update if you like of the H3T.

  2. Yeah, it somewhat reminds me of the H3 styling, the body of the Jeep Hurricane.

  3. Whew! That thing is ugly anyway!