Another Hummer Competitor?

This is the newest vehicle to claim that it has more capability than a Hummer is called the Rodedog. I’ll admit the Hummer doesn’t float, but after a day of off-roading, would the Valet at a nice restaurant park this in front like a Hummer?…or laugh at you

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Less Spam in your Inbox — and a Hummer in your Driveway

AOL is cracking down on spammers one at a time — and each has a lot to lose. One spammer in particular had a loaded up Hummer H2, which is now the grand prize in an AOL’s newest sweepstakes. Good News: You do not have to be an AOL subscriber …

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Quad Cities Online gives Hummer H3 Thumbs Up

Reporter Janee Jackson took an H3 through the test track at her local Hummer dealer, and had nothing but good things to say about the new Hummer H3 — Those chrome wheels have me wondering how much off-roading this particular Hummer will see…The title of her article is Big, bad …

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Hummer Night Vision

You may know that you can install night vision in your H1 and H2, but now anyone can have Hummer night vision. A Texas-based company has created a hand-held monocular that will allow users to see in nearly complete darkness. The new device takes on the Hummer name with the …

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Sewell Hummer Dallas Extends Employee Pricing

Hummer dealerships around the country are deciding whether or not to extend employee pricing, since it is not required by GM to do so after the July promotion. Sewell Hummer of Dallas is officially extending the GM employee pricing on all 2005 models in stock. More information. UPDATE 8/16/08: Employee …

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H3 Invades Europe

You can now purchase an American made H3 in Europe! The vehicles for sale now will be left-sided drivers, but the ones built next year in S. Africa will be primarily right-sided drivers. Do you really think the H3 will go over in France? I’m just not so sure right …

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Hummer Art?

This is a little bizarre…But this guy made a life-size Hummer out of styrofoam. Not only that, but it’s on view at the San Francisco dump? They’ll also serve “hors d’oeuvres and wines from vineyards fertilized with compost made from food scraps we collect at SF restaurants and homes .” …

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Its no surprise that a new review of the 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha from the people at came back positive. “it won?t take you long to realize what makes the H1 so genuine and why we consider it one of the best factory-built wheelers of all time. ”

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Woman Sues Radio Station Over Hummer H2 Prank

When Shannon Castillo showed up to claim her brand new Hummer H2, she was a little bit surprised when the DJ of her favorite radio station rolled up and handed her a remote-controlled car. It was part of a week-long april fools joke, and Castillo caught herself at the butt …

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