Hummers = Daring

GM spends about $3.2 billion a year in branding and advertising, and is now starting a new branding technique (Which is good, since even GM said their biggest problem was all their vehicle lines were starting to look alike). Part of their new strategy is to come out with words …

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Phony Hummer Clone

The latest scam, according to USA Today, is to cover up the fact that a vehicle is stolen by changing its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to a legitimate one that is registered someplace else. The article describes a couple in Warsaw, Indiana (just an hour away from Mishawaka, home of …

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Hummer Quality Soars

Hummer fans may have questioned last year’s J.D. Power and Associates survey which ranked Hummer dead last for quality, but they might like this year’s survey better. According to Autoweek, Hummer was the most improved brand in the 2005 quality rankings. Hummer defects dropped from 173 to 110 per 100 …

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Welcome to!

Hi, welcome to – a place for Hummer owners (and Hummer-owner-wannabes!) to hang out and share ideas on what’s happening in the world of Hummers. I’m Brian Dooley – I’ve been a Hummer fan for years. I started off driving Hummers as an off-road instructor at Hummer University. HU …

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