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Romanian Designer Creates HUMMER Concept

We’re not sure why Romanian designer Andrus Ciprian created his HUMMER concept (since he has no relationship with the brand), but we do think it’s amusing to look at. Ciprian calls the concept vehicle the HUMMER HB, and borrowed many of the design cues from actual HUMMER vehicles and concepts. …

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Ask Jim Part 2: Future HUMMER Models

HUMMER’s CEO Jim Taylor answered questions about 2010 production and the possibility of diesel models in the U.S. in part 1 of the latest Ask Jim series – and today we’re bringing you more questions and answers about future models such as the H4. Included is Jim’s comment about having …

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World’s First Crowdsourced Car to Compete with HUMMER?

If I were to describe a vehicle (especially around here) as offering a “premium, authentic off -road experience,” HUMMER may be the first vehicle to mind. However, that’s how Local Motors describes their “Rally Fighter,” which is the world’s first automobile to be designed using crowdsourcing. If you’re new to …

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