Your Only Opportunity to Purchase a HUMMER HX is Now

Perhaps the most discouraging thing about GM discontinuing the HUMMER brand lineup was losing the prospect of HX production, which would have become a HUMMER H4. Well you’re in luck if you’ve got a lot of cash, live in the E.U., and don’t mind the strange looks when you try to take this thing in for warranty work.

From the translated description, this “HX” is based on the H2 chassis and engine setup – which means it’s much larger than the original concept which debuted in Detroit in 2008. The body is reportedly composite, and the whole package can be yours for a little over 100 grand in U.S. Dollars.

This looks like a cool project – and while I’d never pay that much for a one-off car made by a hobbyist – there may be someone crazy enough out there who would.

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  1. I think its great! HUMMER would have had a real hit on their hands with the HX/H4. Not to mention a production version of Razor Tech’s electric H3.

  2. I agree they would have sold a ton of these. Finally something to compete with the Wrangler. GM dropped the ball.

  3. Fantastic!!!!! Hummer continues to live!!!!! 🙂

  4. Looks pretty close to the concept. I think I see an H2 in the background. 🙂

    When GM closed HUMMER, they also shut the door on having me spend any money on GM vehicles ever again.

  5. Since GM sold out the Hummer brand .or should I say bailed on the Best SUV ever built the H-2 and the Alpha H-3 .I have since purchased two new jk 4 door Jeeps no where near the vehicle the hummers where but will never buy a GM PRODUCT AGAIN …. Now if jeep would drop a V/8 IN THERE JEEPS and upgrade there product seats and ride .I WILL BUY JEEPS FOR THE NEXT TEN YEARS.