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HUMMER Jump Starts Season of Giving

“I’ve been here 25 years and I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” said Kent Clark, Director of Grace Center for Hope when he saw a parade of 21 HUMMERs bringing toys, supplies, and thousands of dollars to the center in Pontiac, Michigan. The Grace Center of Hope helps the …

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HUMMER Race Trucks at 2009 SEMA Show

The SEMA show was the first time we got to see Robby Gordon’s Dakar HUMMER H3 in person (and Robby, for that matter). While it more closely resembles an unlimited class race buggy, it still uses several H3 design cues. More closely representative of a stock HUMMER H3 is Rod …

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HUMMER H3 Moab Edition from SEMA 2009 Photo Gallery

The HUMMER H3 Moab concept vehicle was one of four vehicles on display at the SEMA show recently, and we’ve now added a more detailed photo gallery to our coverage. H3 Moab The natural landscape of Moab, Utah has been an off-roaders playground for years – it’s also been integral …

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HUMMER’s New Business Model to be Leaner, Faster


One good thing about buying a General Motors vehicle is that you know every single piece of the vehicle has undergone extensive tests for durability and performance. Unfortunately, the way GM conducts that process can take several years which significantly slows down the release of new features and new vehicles. …

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Robby Gordon and Team HUMMER Visit 2009 SEMA Show

As General Motors began its restructuring process, motor sports saw some of the biggest cuts. Throw in a questionable future for HUMMER, and teams sponsored by the off-road brand were left in doubt for most of 2009. On Monday, HUMMER committed to resume their sponsorship of both Robby Gordon’s Dakar …

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Shreveport Mayor Travels to China for HUMMER Networking

With Shreveport, Louisiana’s GM plant scheduled to be shut down by 2012, Mayor Cedric Glover is in China this week to tout the benefits of keeping HUMMER production in his town in the long-term. Doing so would retain jobs in Shreveport, and also keep the large, limited-use facility humming for …

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HUMMER Responds to Controversial Owners Study

You may have seen some coverage on a new ‘research’ study claiming that HUMMER owners feel they’re taking the ‘moral high-ground’ with their vehicle choice (see Autoblog’s coverage). The officials at HUMMER have looked over the report and have now released a response. First, here is a brief summary from …

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HUMMER is King on Russia’s Dangerous, Rough Roads

As car sales in Russia plummet 50%, the HUMMER brand is doing something remarkable: Doubling their sales numbers when every other automaker is down double digits. NPR had a story this morning about the trend and what may be behind it. They interviewed one of the founders of the Russian …

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Obama’s Angering of Chinese Could Delay HUMMER Deal

If there’s one group that HUMMER could use on its side right now is the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MoC) – the regulatory committee that deals with all inter-state trade issues, including the approval process for China’s Tengzhong to purchase HUMMER from GM. Last week, President Obama imposed new tariffs …

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