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Chinese HUMMER Production Possible with SAIC

Reports this morning are saying that Tengzhong, the company currently trying to purchase HUMMER from General Motors, may team up with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (SAIC) to produce HUMMER branded vehicles in China. HUMMER’s CEO noted recently that the company is considering production in China, but primarily for in-country distribution. …

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HUMMER’s Asset Breakdown

As the regulatory approval process continues for General Motors’ sale of the HUMMER brand to China’s Sichuan Tengzhong, some are wondering what company property and assets will be owned by the HUMMER brand once it is independent from General Motors. While we don’t know the details of the definitive agreement …

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Shreveport Mayor Travels to China for HUMMER Networking

With Shreveport, Louisiana’s GM plant scheduled to be shut down by 2012, Mayor Cedric Glover is in China this week to tout the benefits of keeping HUMMER production in his town in the long-term. Doing so would retain jobs in Shreveport, and also keep the large, limited-use facility humming for …

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