HUMMER in 2012 – The Brand, The Vehicles, and The Customers

Even though I haven’t been updating the site as regularly as I had in the past, I still continue to see a lot of traffic and get a lot of questions via the contact page and the facebook page. So, I thought it may be time for a quick update on the status of HUMMER now that we’re already a couple months into 2012.

The two questions I get most often are, “is HUMMER coming back,” and “do they still make HUMMERs?”

The answer to the second question is simple – no, HUMMERS are no longer produced. HUMMER H1 production was canceled in 2006, when upgrades to the civilian version of the Humvee like the Duramax Diesel, an Allison Transmission, and a number of interior refinements (the original “Alpha”) sent prices were reaching above $130,000. With sales of less than 1% of all HUMMER sales, and HUMMER sales at under 1% of all GM sales – the decision was made to cease production.

The H2 and H3/H3T both finished out 2010 model years, and a few dealers had inventory into 2011 – but as news of HUMMER’s shutdown spread in April of 2010, dealers weren’t ordering new inventory since customers were weary of buying from a brand that wasn’t going to be around after a few months – and GM’s word of continued support didn’t mean much since they were going through a rough time of their own through reorganization via the government bailout.

For further reading, just click the “Older Entries” link at the bottom of the home page – the entire process was covered extensively.

HUMMER in 2012

HUMMER as a brand doesn’t really exist anymore. Sure, the website is still there – but GM doesn’t have any staff devoted to the brand and hasn’t for some time. The only work being done on the brand is by the sales and social media teams – who’s only objective is to move existing HUMMER owners into new GM cars.

In the last couple years, GM hired a company named NYC based BigFuel to manage their social media. Prior to the brand’s demise the facebook page was run by HUMMER’s PR folks – who had been through the AM General’s Off-Road Training program, driven at many HUMMER Club Events (not man-made courses in an auto show), and had a passion for the brand and what it meant to owners and enthusiasts.

Once BigFuel took over, the passion for the brand and it’s customers was gone. They may have opened up offices in Detroit, but the updates on the page still feel like they’re written from the 20th floor of a downtown NYC building by someone who has never been in a HUMMER, let alone driven one or taken one off-road.


Yeah, HUMMER is like nothing else. But if you’re looking for a new
off-road-capable truck, you just might be surprised by the 2012 Chevy Colorado with the Z71 Off-Road Suspension Package. Check out Chevy Truck Month.”

BigFuel also cut all ties with some of their most ardent supporters of the brand by ‘unfriending’ pages like FourWheeler Magazine and – and now instead only like OnStar, Corvette, Chevy Camaro, and GMC. was also taken over by BigFuel and got a big udpate at the beginning of 2012. Links to popular HUMMER clubs, groups, and forums were replaced with links to buy “New GM Vehicles” and “GM Accessories.” Most amusing is the fact they don’t even sell GM HUMMER accessories – but if you’re looking for Buick floormats, you’re be in luck.

You don’t have to be an expert in social media to know that cutting ties with owner groups, publications, websites, and other supporters of the brand isn’t a good way of keeping them in the fold when its time to buy another vehicle. Though, you apparently don’t need to know that to operate a multi-million dollar marketing campaign for a major U.S. Brand.

The new does have a link for certified service which is helpful for current owners. Personally, we’ve had nothing but positive experiences with dealers – but other than the product they sell, the connection to GM is limited – each dealer alone should be credited for their great customer service.

HUMMER Beyond 2012

This is a topic to be discussed another day (hopefully not months and months like our last update 😉 ), but suffice to say the brand isn’t making a comeback anytime soon.

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  1. I applaude the website update for 2012, My H3 is the longest GM vehicle ive ever owned since 2007, I will probably park this truck in the future and put it on blocks and wait till im 65, then take it down to the Barrett Jackson Auction and see what it will be worth in the year 2032

  2. I love my truck too, but I wouldn’t applaud an update that closed relationships with owners with the only intent on selling them new product.

  3. ????? ????????? ?? ???????????!

  4. One of the saddest anticipated updates for me. Been checking out daily (yes, daily) news about GM’s plans for the brand yet i suppose many have heard that GM was able to pull off a 6+% increase in sales last year and maybe i was just one of the few hoping to even get a hint of GM trying to reconsider making a Hummer comeback…but hey, thanks Hummerguy for updating your site as i do often visit your page. At least Hummer owners still get to keep, cherish & enjoy our future SUV collectible!

  5. Thanks for posting this. Even if reading this article is somewhat depressing, it does take me back to my first purchase of a HUMMER and how proud I was to own one. Perhaps one day if technology advances, GM will right their wrongs and bring this niche brand which had unbelievable potential, back for their customers who are loyal and passionate to a vehicle which is truly LIKE NOTHING ELSE!

  6. Great to see a new post. Love the silver stone metallic H3t(and the 06 ALPHA)(and the Yellow H2 in the backgroud, HUMMER will be back.

  7. BigFuel sounds like a bunch of turds. The HUMMER brand was (and still is) so unique, there’s no way any other GM truck can replace it.

    Thanks for the update.

  8. Hi All

    And Thanks for This Report..

    I Think That GM Will Never Ever Had A Future Respect Unless The Bring The Life Again To HUMMER ” At Least H2 , H3 & H3T ”
    Its Not About What We Like Or What We Want

    Its About Visiting GM Website & Its like They never Ever Had A Brand Called HUMMER But When you Take A Look To Any Street Of The World you Will Find It Every Where,

    I Think The People Will Start To Think They Stoped The HUMMER Who Will Gurantee Now That They Will Not Stop GMC Or Chevy Or Even Cadilac

    For Me I Have HUMMMER And I Will Keeb It But In The Future I Dont Think I Will Buy Any GM Cars

    And I Wish That They Read The Market Before They Act

    Visit Any Website For Selling The Cars Like EBay Motors You Will Find Many Peoples Bid On The Hummer’s

    THis Means Not That What We Want But Thats What The GM Wants

  9. Hummer will make a return, mark my words, a brand that is that iconic and symbolic of our nation will not die out that easily, not to mention its demand globally! Mark my words, it will return!!

  10. Just bought a 2009 Hummer H3 – just like yours – absolutely love this vehicle, hope to add all the additions, and have a good dealer/mechanic that stand by the product, hope to enjoy this vehicle for many, many years! Keep up the great reporting – we need to network the owners who love our Hummers and everything about them – thanks!

  11. The problem with Hummer is GM. look what Tata did with land rover. GM don’t know how to make efficient engines and transmissions can you imagine a Hummer H3 with a Diesel v6 and a 6 speed transmission that can do 9L/100km like the discovery 3/4. They must sell the brand so it can have fresh life breathed into it. Also picture an H3 with independent back suspension with coils and not stupid leaf springs. Don’t get me wrong I love my H3 but damit did GM screw up the brand.

  12. I loved the Hummer and was very exited to buy it. I would have bought the H3 it sat awesome, loved the space, but the pickup to me, was ridiculous. It reminded me of my nissan sentra speed I had 20 yrs. before. I bought the H2 because of the speed and of course the manly look. Why didnt they at least put a V6 in it? That was so ridiculously on their part for the H3. I am looking to downsize because of the gas miliege. But how do you downsize? I mean like really huh? How do you feel about your H3 and the power of the engine? Their is no comparisone to the ride and look of these vechiles. Thanks,Amy
    I was thinking on getting a Jeep wrngler extended cab, do you think I would be happy? Notta?

  13. Hey there, i have my H3 now for 6 years and will newer give it up. actualy the price of 1 gallon in luxembourg is about 6,18US$

  14. You also have to remember that with the diesel and new transmission and new suspension comes more testing,less interchangeable parts and more warranty claim risks… so to make the h3 affordable they used proven drivetrain and suspension… I’ve had no issues with minethe and none of the class competition have those extras either. I like the h3 and the price… if you want all that extra than you pay for fabrication and do it yourself its not like you can’t change it. Imagine that if you want a landrover go by a damn land rover but if you can’t afford it then stick with h3 it may not have all bells and whistles but it s the best capabilities for price..

  15. I would love to own a H3, the price of a pre-owned one is too pricey. I would love for hummer to come back with a H3 & H3T again.

  16. I owed several H-2 Hummers and still own a H-3 . I will never buy any other GM products since they sold out the hummer customers and dealers . The H-2 was and still is the best SUV ever built.I NOW BUY JEEPS not a hummer but still fun. I would buy a new H-2 TOMORROW IF THEY WOULD BUILD IT BUT thats the only thing I would buy from GM.

  17. HUMMER can return. But this would only happen with a new administration in the White House.

    Chrysler is still selling Jeeps, no reason GM, even if it is government owned and union operated, cannot bring HUMMER back.

    No Obama = Yes HUMMER

  18. I have driven gm trucks forever when gm became obama motors I sold my avalanch and my h3 called gm and told them I will never buy anything from them I have a volvo cx90 and a nissan titan.never thougth I buy foreign cars but that’s it the only truck made in usa that I like now is jeep and the rartor I might buy one of them next or ford bronco it they get the balls to make it right would have loved to own a hx.

  19. I have a Toyota Tacoma double cab with 145k miles & still going strong. Lifted it with bilstein adjustable shocks, put pro-comp rims & 33 nittos on it. But…’s not a Hummer. I always wanted one, and after driving an H3 a couple of weeks back. I was hooked!
    I am determined to purchase this vehicle & cant wait to pay off the wifes minivan in order to do this. I believe that these vehicles will be for sure the future collectables. Shooting for a 2010 H3 or H3T……im on the fence. But no matter witch one, i cant wait!!!!

  20. I would like a H3 Hummer Black 2010 or to order a Special Edition

  21. I love my Hummer H3 too much. Livin in LA where i t makes more sense to own a more fuel efficient car like hybrid type but I just couldn’t do it. I bought mine in NC and when I moved back here, everyone told me I should trade my car in but I couldn’t. I like it too much.