Dallas Hummer welcomes hunting season with camouflage H3

Mon, Oct 8, 2007

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2008 Camouflage Hummer H3
The Dallas Hummer store has again wrapped a 2008 H3 to welcome in the Texas hunting season (See last year’s 2007 camo H3 here!) . This year, a ‘woodland’ camouflage wrap was chosen for more of a duck-hunting feel. In addition to the Hummer, the dealership set up a hunting boat, and numerous fake hunters throughout the showroom. One of the nice things about wrapping a Hummer H3 in camouflage is after the season is over (or after a few seasons are over!) the wrap can be removed and leave a finish that’s free from scratches and scrapes.

With off-road grille lights, super-swamper tires, fender flares, mud flaps, tail lamp & brush guards, and custom black wheels — this is the perfect vehicle to get you in and out of the woods easily and stealthily.

The camo H3 was recently featured at the Dallas Ducks Unlimited fundraiser banquet, and was under the tight watch of “Trigger” the dog and his trusty 12 gauge. We think this system of security was much far effective than ‘the club,’ and will likely catch on with hunters of all types.

Camo Hummer H3 2008 Ducks Unlimited

Custom Hummer H3 Camouflage 2008

5 Responses to “Dallas Hummer welcomes hunting season with camouflage H3”

  1. brycek99 Says:

    hey, what is the specific kind of camo used on the 08 hummer?

  2. admin Says:

    I believe it was called ‘woodland’…

  3. duckhunter15 Says:

    no its call duck blind

  4. mitch Says:

    advantage max-4

  5. noah Says:

    mitch is right. duckhunter 15 is completely wrong.