GM Unveils Hummer EV Truck starting at $79,995

In an online-only event, GM unveiled the ‘world’s first all-electric supertruck’ – the Hummer EV. Some of the details and specs have been trickling in, but we now have more information.


We knew the HUMMER EV would top out at 1000HP, torque rated at 11, 500 ft/lbs, and a mind-blowing 0-60 speed of 3 seconds. However, that’s only for the most expensive limited edition model. The least expensive model will be 625HP, 7,400 lb-ft of torque, and a 250 mile range.

The Catch: The cheaper, $79,995 model won’t be out until 2024. The only edition out next year will set you back at least $112,595.

Hummer EV Price

Hummer EV will star at $79,995 for the EV2 and a limited edition that starts at $112,595.

Off-Road Credibility

The Hummer EV will have terrific ground clearance from the factory thanks to 35 inch tires. That’s a full 2-inches bigger than what you could get on the H3, even with upgrades. GM confirmed that those who want even bigger tires will be able to fit 37s no problem.

The Hummer EV will have different drive modes depending on terrain or if you’re going off road.

Adaptive Air Ride – Extract Mode

Wow – this is one of the most exciting off-roading advances. The Hummer EV’s adaptive air-ride suspension will allow drivers to lift the vehicle an additional 6 inches! Approach and departure angles instantly improved at the touch of a button. Impressive.

Ultravision Cameras

Hummer EV wont be the first GM vehicle with ultravision cameras, but it will be the first to have up to 18 cameras including optional undercarriage cameras. If you’ve been off-roading, you know how important it is to have a good spotter. Now imaging you have several spotters and some are underneath the truck. While wheeling with a buddy has always been a good idea, this may make it possible to tackle some terrain without needing a spotter outside the vehicle.

Full Underbody Armor & Rock Sliders

The Hummer H2 and H3 had skid plates, but GM is describing the Hummer EV as having full underbody armor and rock sliders. While we don’t have any more details, this sounds like an improvement. Of course, with an electric powertrain, you have a simpler underbody construction and more to protect (the batteries) – so it may be more than just a feature for off-roading.

Drive Diagonally with Crabwalk

Crabwalk will allow all four tires of the vehicle to turn in-sync, allowing for truly diagonal driving.

Infinity Roof and Drop Glass

The Hummer EV will have a class-leading infinity roof, with removable panels and rear drop glass that will allow the vehicle to go almost completely convertible. It will have cross members for safety and stability, but open-air was obviously a primary design goal.

Next Generation Super Cruise

GM confirmed the Hummer EV will have next-generation super-cruise and auto-lane changing, which can be found on other recent GM models. The system only works on compatible roads and requires a subscription after the initial trial period.

Hummer EV 4-Wheel Steering

We know about crabmode, but GM suggested that when going around turns that 4-wheel steering may be employed to enhance maneuverability.

Hummer EV Range

GM has pegged the top-end of Hummer EV’s range at 350+ miles. Not overly impressive, but not too far off from what you can expect to get from truck.

We expect this is a conservative number based on today’s technology, and wouldn’t be surprised if we see that number increase each year. It’s not impossible that we may see that number improve before the vehicle is launched. After all, this is 50 miles less than the 400 miles GM confirmed earlier in the year. It’s almost like the lawyers (or engineers) told them they needed to back the number down.

The least expensive Hummer EV trim only gets 250 miles of range.

Hummer EV Charge Time

GM says that with fast-charging, the Hummer EV can charge 100 miles worth of driving in 10 minutes.

Hummer EV Reservations

Like what you see and hear? You can plop down $100 bucks to be among the first to purchase a Hummer EV from GMC.

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