New GMC Hummer EV Video Teases Design, Features

GMC released a new Hummer EV video today that teases some design features, driving modes, and features. The video also hints that a full reveal will be later this fall.

GMC Hummer EV Assembly (Looks like legit front tow hooks made the cut)

Here are some of the features teased in the video – the text after each bullet is our best guess explanation.

  • Adrenaline Mode – You’re likely only able to do 0-60 in this mode.
  • Crab Mode – Rock Crawling? Sand? Offroad? Probably some combo that maximizes low-end torque.
  • Ultium Battery – Read more about GM’s Ultium Batteries here.
  • Super Fast Charging – We’ll see! 😉
  • Next Gen Super Cruise – This is GM’s (not really autonomous) autonomous driving system. It uses sensors, radars, and cameras to steer, accelerate, and brake automatically.
  • Infinity Roof – Large, see-through roof areas.
  • Modular Sky Panels – Removable roof panels.
  • Ultra-Vision Cameras – Likely similar to what was introduced on the 2021 Cadillac Escalades. That means augmented reality navigation with live forward cameras, surround vision that allows a ‘birds-eye view’ from above, and optional trailer view and rear camera rear-view mirror.
GMC Hummer EV Clay Modeling
GMC Hummer EV Assembly

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