Hummer “World” Run to Take Place in Europe

Wed, Oct 4, 2006

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2006 Hummer World Run Geiger
Europe’s largest Hummer dealership, GeigerCars, will be hosting “The Ultimate HUMMER Meet: HUMMER WORLD RUN 2006 in Zorneding near Munich.” The name sounds a little deceiving but it makes sense. Hummer owners will be coming to the event from around the world — more than 150 are expected. From the press release (CAUTION: Link brings up a print box for some reason – just click cancel):
“Numerous other attractions await the visitors such as free test drives with various HUMMER models and rides in the 10-meter long HUMMER H2 stretch limo from The festival tent features an evening program with live entertainment on Saturday and on Sunday a vehicle parade of participants will live up to its motto: “The HUMMER conquers Munich.”
Families visiting the HUMMER meet also find lots of entertaining things to do: Admission for children under 16 is free. The HUMMER kids program features a moonwalk as well as rides on kids ATV’s.
The admission fee of 5 Euros for adults includes a chance to win a one-year lease for a HUMMER including tax and insurance.”
5 Euros! What a steal — who’s up for a trip to Germany?

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