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First Hummer Laptop, now Hummer Desktop Computer?

27. June 2007

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Well we remember having the Hummer laptop, which was really just a rugged laptop with wild colors. Richibucto Computer Systems is taking the idea of a Hummer computer to another level with a personal computer in the shape of a Hummer. The Hummer PC is housed in what was originally a 1:10 scale remote control […]

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2008 Hummer H3 Alpha Review – With Pictures!

25. June 2007

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The very first 2008 Hummer H3 Alpha has hit the ground in Dallas, TX – a pretty exiting site since they weren’t expected until several months from now! When we first saw the H3 Alpha roll up, we didn’t even notice the brand new color graphite metallic, which is very similar to the slate blue […]

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Riding Shotgun with Team Hummer – Video!

23. June 2007

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Ever wonder what its like to ride in the Team Hummer H3? The GM Marketing site recently had a contest do just that – and had the cameras rolling. The video shows the modified Hummer H3 racing through the Baja at crazy speeds. Imagine driving like that for 500 miles!

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Hummers to pay “Environmental Impact” fee?

22. June 2007


I came across an article by John McCormick, a columnist with The Detroit News, that is suggesting a ‘market based’ approach to “curbing America’s appetite for gasoline.” Under his proposal vehicles would have a fee system based on the fuel consumed by your vehicle, and the miles you drive as determined by your vehicles GPS […]

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Chicago Reporter gets 2008 Hummer H2 and H3 Alpha Sneak Peak – Off Road!

21. June 2007


“Oddly enough, behind the wheel, the obstacles weren’t that intimidating. Don’t get me wrong; there were plenty of deep breaths and white knuckle grips on the steering wheel as I maneuvered through the 2.9-mile craggy course. But, as my H3 co-pilot Martin Walsh, Hummer general manager, said: “You have to trust the spotters, and you […]

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Hummer Commercial Lands H2 On Moon

20. June 2007


The newest Hummer ad from Modernista! features an H2 driving through a desolate landscape, and uses space communication sound effects throughout. At the end, the signature Earth pull out shot reveals the Hummer has actually been driving on the Moon. Hummer is getting closer to it’s off-road roots – but isn’t quite there yet. I […]

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Hummer Wedding is ‘Like Nothing Else’

19. June 2007

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I think it goes without saying that we’re Hummer fans here – but at what point does it become an obsession? Well a couple in Reno, NV is taking their love for Hummers (and each other!) to the next level. Sonya Jefferson and Steve Spencer, both Hummer owners, are getting hitched in a wedding that […]

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Hummer H2 Diesel is on the way

18. June 2007


GM is investing over 300 million in renovations in its Tonawanda engine plant to produce a 4.5-liter, V-8 Duramax high-output diesel engine for the Hummer H2, according to John Buttermore, GM Powertrain vice president of global manufacturing. “This will be one of the most efficient and technically advanced diesel engines, providing a 25 percent improvement […]

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Eight Hummer Dealers Receive Leadership Award

13. June 2007

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Eight Hummer Dealers Receive Leadership Award The Keynote speaker was Michael Eisner, the entertainment was Mary J. Blige, and it was held at Jazz at Lincoln Center in NYC. The June event was General Motor’s impressive venue for presenting eight Hummer dealers from around the country with the 2006 Jack Smith Leadership Award. The award […]

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2008 Hummer H3 Alpha Pricing Announced

12. June 2007

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The long anticipated wait for pricing on the 2008 Hummer H3s now comes to an end. In an effort to make sure that you are getting a good deal on your 2008 Hummer purchase (some dealers like to charge over sticker when a vehicle is this popular – you shouldn’t do business with these folks) […]

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Team Hummer and Hall Family Win in Baja – Again!

7. June 2007

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For the second year in a row, the Hummer H3 piloted by the Hall team was the only truck to finish the Baja 500 in the mini-stock division. “This year’s course was extremely grueling and treacherous,” said Chad Hall, who piloted the H3 from mile 110 to the finish. “Fortunately, the H3 is designed to […]

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