Hummer H2 Diesel is on the way

2008 Hummer H2 Solar Flare
GM is investing over 300 million in renovations in its Tonawanda engine plant to produce a 4.5-liter, V-8 Duramax high-output diesel engine for the Hummer H2, according to John Buttermore, GM Powertrain vice president of global manufacturing. “This will be one of the most efficient and technically advanced diesel engines, providing a 25 percent improvement in fuel efficiency and 13 percent reduction in CO2 emissions over gasoline engines in this segment.”
The renovations are expected to take years, but GM has slated the new diesel coming in 2009. However, we think fitting the new engine in the Silverado and Sierra pickup trucks will be on the top of GM’s to-do list. AutoWeek thinks the Hummer diesels may come in 2011, who cited Martin Walsh (Hummer’s GM). With all the interior improvements coming in 2008, and the possibility of the diesel coming next, Hummer H2 sales should see a significant increase. AutoWeek also suggested we should look for an E85 capable Hummer H2 in 2009, and the E85 Hummer H3 the following year.

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  1. This seems to be a great time to ask if the new 4.5 diesel the ticket to bring back the H1?

  2. We’re not sure if the H1 is coming back or not – but we sure would like to see it! The 4.5 liter would most likely not be the choice engine for the H1, as it is designed for smaller vehicles like pickups and the H2. The H1s were coming with a 6.5 liter, and we think they’d probably get a lot of resistance if they tried to go smaller or less powerful with their engine choice.

  3. How will the power output of this diesel compare to the new gas engine going into the ’08s?