Hummer Wedding is ‘Like Nothing Else’

Hummer H1 Wedding
I think it goes without saying that we’re Hummer fans here – but at what point does it become an obsession? Well a couple in Reno, NV is taking their love for Hummers (and each other!) to the next level. Sonya Jefferson and Steve Spencer, both Hummer owners, are getting hitched in a wedding that is “Like Nothing Else.” The couple will say their “I Do’s” in the back of two Hummer SUT truck beds – with whom other than Team Hummer owner and captain Rod Hall presiding over the ceremony. Following the ceremony the couple will cut into their Hummer shaped cake, then quickly jump into their H2 (in full wedding attire) for an off-road adventure with 100 other Hummer enthusiasts. The wedding is set for this Friday at 10am – and the press (at least the local variety) will certainly be in attendance. It turns out the couple will actually hold a small, private ceremony the day before with close family and friends. That’s probably not a bad idea for those conservative family members, considering we don’t think Rod Hall is an ordained minister…

Note: Picture unrelated, but seemed appropriate.

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