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Environmental concerns? Keep the Hummer, ditch the hamburger!

30. August 2007


Living a ‘green’ life has gone from being a political statement of a few to one of the fastest growing trends in the American lifestyle and business world today. Many retail stores tout their use of recycled materials and low emissions – Wal-Mart even announced yesterday they’re donating $1.5 million to research ‘green retailing.’ But […]

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GM cuts SUV and Pickup production , Hummer unaffected

28. August 2007

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General Motors recently announced production cuts at 6 plants that produce trucks and SUVs, citing increased fuel prices and stiff competition. Affected plants are in Texas, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Mexico, and Ontario. However, the Hummer H2 plant in Mishawaka, IN and the Hummer H3 facility in Shreveport, LA will continue production as scheduled. This summer, […]

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Hummer Continues Support of Rubicon Trail

24. August 2007

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Continuing their support of the Rubicon Trail, Hummer is contributing $5000 to the Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR), a volunteer group which maintains the world famous off-road destination. With Hummer’s first contribution in 2006, they became the first and only vehicle manufacturer to support the FOTR. “The Rubicon Trail is extremely important to HUMMER. Our […]

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What your Hummer’s color says about you

22. August 2007


So you’ve decided to buy a Hummer (or already have) – and you’re wondering what your Hummer’s color says about you. The following results are mostly based on Leatrice Eiseman’s book called “The Color Answer Book,” and little of our own, very (un) scientific data from meeting a ton of Hummer owners. Here we go: […]

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Hummers #1 in Retained Value

16. August 2007

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Of all American-made vehicles, Hummer tops the list for ‘highest retained value,’ according to J.D. Power and Associates and However, when you figure in foreign brands, Hummer ranks #8 – still an impressive feat, with Hummer edging out BMW, Land Rover, and Infiniti. Scion, Honda, and Mini took the top three positions. Hummer also […]

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Hummer H1 plays in flooded parking lot

14. August 2007

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It is nearly impossible to describe the almost magical draw that Hummers and their owners have to water. When they see on the weather forecast a possibility of roads being flooded, they’re actually excited to experience the following day’s commute. Maybe it’s because owners know their vehicles are capable to ‘wade’ into 24inchs of water […]

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Is Hummer GM’s golden ticket to profitability?

13. August 2007


Unfortunately, we don’t see any Hummer model, current or future, putting up sales numbers comparable the Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. So what direction does GM’s portfolio need to move? According to Fortune columnist Alex Taylor III, General Motor’s needs to master the art of the small, profitable car, just as their foreign counterparts have. […]

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Update: Washington Anti-Hummer Violence

7. August 2007

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“If you want to drive a Hummer, go to Iraq,” was what Gareth Groves heard from one critic of his new ride. The message hit a little closer to home when his Hummer H2 was vandalized last month by eco-vandals. Fortunately, Groves is also receiving positive support from other Hummer enthusiasts and area residents speaking […]

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2008 Hummer H2 Review

6. August 2007


The 2008 Hummer H2 receives the biggest facelift in the model’s history, and we recently got the opportunity to take one for a spin and check out all the upgraded features. From the outside, the vehicle is largely similar to previous H2s. Most notable of the exterior changes are the silver painted bumpers which were […]

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Las Vegas Hummer Dealer says American Flag Will Stay

3. August 2007


In May, Las Vegas Hummer Dealer Dan Towbin was ordered to remove the American flag that waves above his dealership. Neighbors had complained about the flapping noise and the ‘aesthetic effect’ when wind blows the 100 ft pole, and the Las Vegas City Council gave him 60 days to remove the flag. Now that his […]

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