Las Vegas Hummer Dealer says American Flag Will Stay

Towbin Hummer American Flag

In May, Las Vegas Hummer Dealer Dan Towbin was ordered to remove the American flag that waves above his dealership. Neighbors had complained about the flapping noise and the ‘aesthetic effect’ when wind blows the 100 ft pole, and the Las Vegas City Council gave him 60 days to remove the flag. Now that his 60 days are up, Towbin has one thing to say: “The American flag stays.” Towbin sued the city, and the issue was sent back to the City Council, where the judge ruled it was Mr. Towbin’s right to have an attorney represent him. A lawyer for Towbin says the case is still open, and that “”we’re going to do whatever we can to keep the American flag flying.” Towbin even went so far as to set up noise sensors in the surrounding area, and no evidence has surfaced to support the noise complaints. “If I was convinced I was truly disturbing people, I would have taken it down a long time ago,” he said.

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  1. georgieboysobota

    well good on him. its their national flag why want to take it down?

  2. Where I live near Chelsea Michigan theres a flag even bigger that has flown over Palmer Ford for the last 10 + years. I have never heard of one person that has complained about it. its visable for about 5 miles when your veiw is good. Keep up the fight.