Update: Washington Anti-Hummer Violence

Washinton DC Hummer Violence Support
“If you want to drive a Hummer, go to Iraq,” was what Gareth Groves heard from one critic of his new ride. The message hit a little closer to home when his Hummer H2 was vandalized last month by eco-vandals. Fortunately, Groves is also receiving positive support from other Hummer enthusiasts and area residents speaking out against the violence. A group of Hummer owners met for support in nearby Bethesda, MD restaurant. The group was originally going to throw Groves a BBQ on his block, but the venue was changed – probably a good idea for the participants and their rigs! One supporter, a Ford owner, says, “Last time I looked my Ford Expedition was getting 14 miles to the gallon. If that is what he wants who are we to say he can’t have that?” Fair enough! I also like how the FBI took over the investigation, since it appeared to be eco-terrorism.

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