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HUMMER HX, H3T Appear in New Transformers Movie

Thanks to the folks at Chevy, we got a sneak peek at the new Transformers movie that will open at midnight tonight. No screen caps of new models here – the theater had three ushers watching the crowd – one of them with a night vision device (seriously??). Anyway, if …

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Tonight we’ll get a sneak peek at the newest Transformers movie due out tomorrow – and luckily we don’t have to wait until midnight! The crew at Chevy invited us out, and while we’re excited to see the new 2010 Camaro in person (wonder if they’ll let us drive it???), …

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Transformers Movie HUMMER H3T Spotted Again

Thanks to a tipster, we’ve got our hands on another HUMMER H3T prop from the Transformers movie. They’ve been spotted a couple times in Arizona before, and now with more detail on the door logos. This was shot near Phoenix, Arizona. Nice spotting – thanks, Hyrum!

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Transformers Movie Prop HUMMER H3T Spotted

Late last week outside a hotel in Arizona, an astute observer saw a truck load that had some interesting cargo: the ‘NEST’ HUMMER H3T and Optimus Prime from the movie “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”. The pictures were snagged using a blackberry – and the poster came back later to …

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New HUMMER HX, H3T Sightings on Transformers Movie Set

Some new images have emerged from the San Pedro, California movie set where the next Transformers movie is being filmed. The picture shows the HUMMER HX concept lined up behind an H3T – both sporting ‘flat’ color paint jobs. Much clearer than the original shots! Source: Transformers Blog, Via Jalopnik

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HUMMER HX to appear in Transformers 2 movie

Back in March we brought you a news article entitled “HUMMER HX to appear in G.I. Joe Movie.” The next day, countered our story with, “HUMMER HX not in the new G.I. Joe Movie.” We quickly updated our story citing Autoblog and their ‘well placed source,’ and denied the …

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GM and Hummer hope ‘Transformers’ product placement will pay off

In what may be the largest dose of product placement EVER in a movie, GM is hoping to connect with what has been an elusive market for them: 18-34 year olds. But what makes this product placement so valuable? “You’re going to see these cars as the heroes. You’re not …

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Transformer HUMMER Inspires Chinese Emergency Vehicle

You may remember Ratchet – the HUMMER H2 turned movie prop from Transformers named Ratchet. In China, similarly equipped vehicles may be used as real-life emergency vehicles. That is, if they can find the trucks… These shots were taken at the China International Exhibition on Police Equipment, where several HUMMER …

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HUMMER Movie Poll Results – What can we Learn?

While we can appreciate the enthusiasm of one individual who voted a couple hundred times (seriously-who has time for that???) for the Fast and the Furious H1, we’ve removed the bogus duplicates and have the final results for our HUMMER Movie Poll. The HUMMER HX from Transformers was the clear …

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