HUMMER HX to appear in Transformers 2 movie

HUMMER HX to appear in Transformers 2 movie

Back in March we brought you a news article entitled “HUMMER HX to appear in G.I. Joe Movie.” The next day, countered our story with, “HUMMER HX not in the new G.I. Joe Movie.” We quickly updated our story citing Autoblog and their ‘well placed source,’ and denied the HX rumors (after all, they’re typically on top of their game!). It looks like or their sources must have had their action-figure-movies mixed up back in March, but now they’ve straightened things out by posting the above grainy photo of the HUMMER HX that was snapped on the set of Transformers 2 in Bethlehem, PA. According to the site, the HX is one of many GM vehicles slated for the silver screen in the next Transformers movie — and I believe it. Just check out the H3 behind the HX that also has a similar military-style gun turret on the roof. We’ll watch out for Autoblog to run “HUMMER HX not in the new Transformers 2 movie” sometime tomorrow just in case…

One other note about the picture — this vehicle seems to be more streamlined and less rough around the edges than the HX concept. The chrome is gone and the rivets on the fenders are missing — maybe the title should read “HUMMER H4 to appear in Transformers 2 movie”…

HUMMER HX Transformers 2 Movie

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  1. georgieboysobota

    i kind of looks like a new, toned, smaller HUMVEE…

  2. I don’t like those rims though.

  3. I just added a new clear HX pic.

    I am expecting more of both soon. The word around the camp-fire is these will appear in both G.I. Joe and Transformers 2. Only time will tell.

  4. i like the hummer