HUMMER HX, H3T Spotted During Transformers 3 Production

HUMMER HX Transformers 3 Featured

Thanks to the crew at, we’re getting an up close look at the HUMMER HX and H3T models on the set of the upcoming Transformers 3 movie. The props look similar to those used in previous movies – with “NEST” written on the side. In the movie, this was the special division of the military and the HUMMERs acted as security detail.

Agreements on production and vehicles are done years in advance, so these were most likely agreed upon before GM knew HUMMER was to be closed.

If nothing else – the shots of the HX are a reminder of what could have been

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  1. Very upsetting. Very, very upsetting. This vehicle alone could’ve saved HUMMER. I like the H3T, but the HX would’ve been a much better choice as the next HUMMER model.

  2. What we can do all of us of various Hummer Club in the world? Let us unite and let’s hear against GM! Let’s join forces! Hummer to survive ….

  3. God damn that thing is awesome. GM is so stupid.

  4. In my opinion the HX is one of the best looking and most rugged vehicles ever. Hellbound is right GM is stupid. So is Obama.

  5. Any one know what the H3T has red calipers? I think they camp on the Championship Edition of the H3, but I did not think that was offered on the T. The lighting in the movie is not good enough for it to really be for looks is it?

  6. I don’t remember seeing any championship edition H3Ts – could be wrong there – but they’re the only ones to have the red calipers. The only difference from stock is paint color…same with the red shocks that were on the Championship – same as every other just w/ color difference.

  7. Exactly, that is why I was wondering why the H3T had the res calipers. Must have been dreamed up by the movie guys to make these trucks look even better. Wish I cuold get one after Transformers 57 is completed ;P.

  8. HX is that best thing i have seen in a long time i wish it comes out

  9. …. announced that China will bring the HX Concept cars with the name Tengzhong H4 …… is not it?? you know something?

  10. That HX & H3T would make one awesome looking Search and Rescue team.