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HUMMER: It’s Not Over Yet

GM announced Wednesday their plans to wind down the HUMMER brand after a failed attempt to unload the brand to a Chinese company – but for those quick to jump on the “R.I.P HUMMER” band wagon, here are a couple things to consider. First, HUMMER’s wind-down process is going to …

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HUMMER’s New Business Model to be Leaner, Faster


One good thing about buying a General Motors vehicle is that you know every single piece of the vehicle has undergone extensive tests for durability and performance. Unfortunately, the way GM conducts that process can take several years which significantly slows down the release of new features and new vehicles. …

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HUMMER Designer Chat Log

Last Thursday, lead HUMMER designer Carl Zipfel took an hour out of his day for a chat on GMnext.com. We took him up on the opportunity – check out some of the highlights below:

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Spend Valentine’s Day with HUMMER Designer

This Valentine’s day HUMMER enthusiasts will have a chance to spend an hour with lead exterior designer for HUMMER Carl Zipfel. GMnext.com is hosting a live chat from 2-3 EST, and it’s open to anyone who registers. Don’t know what to ask him about? I’d go for these topics: 1) …

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Chicago Auto Show Preview

In between severe early morning storms in Dallas, and expected evening snow showers in Chicago, I managed to touch down in the windy city this afternoon. The festivities kick off tonight when we have an opportunity to grab a drink with HUMMER Design Director Carl Zipfel, who lives the appropriate …

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HUMMER Design Director’s Off-Road Roots

In between directing the design of the HUMMER HX and the HUMMER H3T, Carl Zipfel turned what used to be a normal backyard into an ‘extreme off-road playground.’ Zipfel built his backyard track primarily for dirt bikes, which he started riding when he was nine. Now, his three children are …

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We may be a little late on the HUMMER H3T crusing around in the snow video, but better late than never right? The video was released by GM prior to the H3T’s first public appearance at the Chicago Auto Show next week. Also included are a few comments from HUMMER’s …

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What HX means for HUMMER, Jeep Brands

The general consensus is that HUMMER will be producing a smaller vehicle in the near future, most likely called the H4. After my conversation with Carl Zipfel, HUMMER’s director of exterior design, my consensus is that it will be very similar to the HX concept that appeared at the Detroit …

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HUMMER HX Concept: Official Pictures

We’ve just come across these these pictures over at the Elcova Discussion forums, HummerForums.com – and they’re official images of the HUMMER HX that will be shown at the Detroit Auto Show this weekend. GM didn’t want you to see them for another week or so, but someone decided they …

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