Thu, Jan 31, 2008

Hummer News, Off Road News

We may be a little late on the HUMMER H3T crusing around in the snow video, but better late than never right? The video was released by GM prior to the H3T’s first public appearance at the Chicago Auto Show next week. Also included are a few comments from HUMMER’s general manager Martin Walsh, and lead HUMMER designer Carl Zipfel – Enjoy!

Source: GM via Autoblog

6 Responses to “HUMMER H3T Video”

  1. Thebiggestfan Says:

    Its awesome. I like HUMMER

  2. Thebiggestfan Says:

    Someone knows price of H3t?
    Thank you.

  3. admin Says:

    The H3T pricing isn’t out just yet – but expect it to be in line with the current H3, between 31k and 41k depending on equipment.

  4. offroader613 Says:

    Can’t wait to see it on dealer lots.

  5. Hummer Aficionado_VT Says:

    I notice the hood has handles on it much like on the H2. Is this a move that all H3s are going to persue, for ’09, or is that look just for the H3T?

    I thought that was one of the biggest exterior details missing from the 3 when it was released. The Hummer look needs a set of hood handles, IMO.

    The 3T’s hood doesn’t flip foward, does it?

  6. offroader613 Says:

    I saw on another video that it has the normal H3 hood, but with the handles for some reason.