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Hi, welcome to HummerGuy.net – a place for Hummer owners (and Hummer-owner-wannabes!) to hang out and share ideas on what’s happening in the world of Hummers.

I’m Brian Dooley – I’ve been a Hummer fan for years. I started off driving Hummers as an off-road instructor at Hummer University. HU was a program held close to the Mishawaka Hummer factory to teach dealer staff and salespeople Hummer specs and capabilities.

Last year, I spent the summer as an instructor at the Nemacolin Woodlands Off Road Academy. Nemacolin was a great place to experience Hummer Driving – 600 acres of woods, with 20 miles of trails, plus a man-made obstacle course to take Hummers to their limit.

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  1. georgieboysobota

    i know its a bit late but i just found this and i was wondering, how do you manage HUMMERGUY.net? do you rune t from your home or in your office at Sewell HUMMER? and also, how do you get all your information?