‘The Truth About Cars’ Continues Bomb-Throwing at HUMMER, Autoblog

Even though Autoblog’s newest head-to-head challenge between a HUMMER H2 and a Toyota Landcruiser described the HUMMER as “the off-roader for idiots,” it was still a relatively unbiased and fair article. Autoblog even got an outside writer and photographer from a major ‘buff book’ that had not been favorable to HUMMERs in the past. The Truth About Cars, a website that consistently contradicts its very name, suggested that Autoblog had been paid off by HUMMER for the review, and asserted that the Landcruiser is a better rock-crawler than a HUMMER H2.


First, HUMMER and Toyota provided media test vehicles and insurance to Autoblog which is an extremely common practice among all manufacturers. Nothing more. Second, I’m curious as to why TTAC would suggest that the Landcruiser is a better rock crawler than the H2. Do they have experience off-roading in either one? We haven’t spent much time rock-climbing in a Landcruiser, but we’d be happy to if Toyota would support it (we’d even disclose it to keep TTAC happy!). However, given the Toyota’s much smaller approach and departure angles, street-oriented tires, squishy suspension, and non-fully-boxed frame, we suspect that a stock Landcruiser wouldn’t keep up with the stock H2 pictured.

Be sure to read the comments section to see the full story.

You stay classy, TTAC.

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  1. Hummer Aficionado_VT

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Stay classy, TTAC!

    What a bunch of morons!! Oh man, Toyota people never cease to amaze me!

  2. I liked AB’s review. Apart from the “…for idiots” comment (Which I don’t get… why does the H2’s capabilities make it a truck for idiots?), I thought they did a good job describing the differences in the two trucks’ 4wd and traction control systems. BTW: The H2 has brake based traction control just like the Landcruiser methinks.

    Anyways: I just don’t get TTAC. I have posted this opinion on their site in response to their very unfavorable review of the H3 Alpha and was threatened with having my account closed: I believe TTAC is more interested in making ad revenues than providing neutral, detailed, car reviews. TTAC’s reviews are often 80% opinion and 20% facts. I don’t know why they seem to intent on knocking AB, but maybe it’s because AB provided what TTAC can’t: A reasonable, detailed review of two trucks.