2006 Hummer H3 Long Term Road Test and Review: #2

2006 Yellow Hummer H3 Four Wheeler
The nice people at Fourwheeler.com have just released their newest review in their four part series, testing long-term use of the Hummer H3. The reviewers liked that it had the small (37 ft) turning radius, which they said was helpful both on the trail and in tight parking lots. They also had it in extreme heat (125 degrees) and never came close to overheating. Gas mileage in the H3 was impressive as well – now with a few miles on it, they were able to log one tank at an average of 17.8 mpg. An airbag light popped on when off-roading, but was just a false reading and was reset by the local dealer. The reviewers also attempted to spend the night in it, and didn’t realize that the seats didn’t fold down completely flat to make this feat more comfortable. I’d suggest a $100 tent and a $20 air mattress to put next to the H3 – your back will thank you!

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