2008 “Ultra Marine” Hummer H2 Limited Edition Revealed

2008 Hummer H2 Limited Edition Ultra Marine

***Update: Last Ultra Marine H2 Available – check out our Buy a HUMMER page!***

In January, Hummer buyers will have the option of purchasing the Ultra Marine Limited Edition H2 – the first limited edition in the 2008 model year.

It’s the exterior color that sets Hummer’s limited editions apart from the normal production line, and the new Ultra Marine color is very similar to GMC’s Blue Green Crystal. Hopefully higher quality images will be coming soon!

All 2008 H2s received the mid-cycle enhancement with an all new interior and powertrain, but the Ultra Marine will also showcase a Hummer first: 20 inch Chrome Wheels.

Cadillac has been offering stylish 20 inch chrome wheels for some time, and now offers 22 inch wheel options to capitalize on consumers desire to dress up their wheels. Hummer customers are notorious for wanting fancy chrome wheels. Last week I even saw an H2 on 30 inch chrome wheels – the thing had the turning radius of a school bus! So why hasn’t Hummer capitalized like Cadillac has?

Hummer has many more requirements when it comes to wheel and tire testing, due to the off-road capabilities that EVERY Hummer coming off the production line must have. You can imagine trying to find a 22 inch wheel and a low profile tire that you can air-down and go rock climbing with is next to impossible. However, Hummer has found a way to add some good looking 20 inch wheels to the Ultra Marine Limited Edition H2, that are trail ready, and at the same time ready to cruise to your favorite evening venue.

The Ultra Marine will also have some of the options we’ve seen before on other limited editions like painted to match fender flares, rocker moldings, side vents, etc. One exception to previous limited editions is the lack of the small step that mounted out from the rocker bar. The Ultra Marine H2 pictured has the OEM chrome tube steps, but whether they will be part of the package is still unknown.

Overall, this looks like a great truck. The number of total number that will be produced has not been announced, but previous limited editions were around the 750 range. More information coming soon!
2008 Hummer H2 Limited Edtion Ultra Marine 20 inch wheel

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  1. nice dude. hopefully they’ll do a yellow limited edition one aswell

  2. Sweet color, now a yellow offroad edition would be perfect.

  3. I agree! Nice wheels!! -Need yellow though!

    I was bummed when they dropped it, but I figure a flagship color like that’ll be made into a LE.

  4. i wonder what the next Limited edition H3 will look like…

  5. i wonder what the next LE H3 will look like…

  6. I want to see yellow back on the Hummer line up!

    PS: georgie boy, check out the forums at gmhummer.com, i think you would enjoy them…

  7. Great combonation of color and chrome on an H2.

  8. cheers Hummer Aficionado_VT

  9. I just ordered the limited edition. Cannot wait to get it. My local dealer said they are getting one, and I already put down a deposit on it and said this one is mine. From what I heard each dealership is only getting one. I found one in Nashville too, $81k though. Its beautiful. I will take pics when I get it!