2009 HUMMER H3T Concept Spotted at Baja 1000

2009 Hummer H3T Baja
Autoblog is reporting that the HUMMER H3T concept was recently seen outside the confines of a secure testing facility, and was even used as a chase vehicle for Team HUMMER in the recent Baja 1000 off-road race. Autoblog also published an image of the HUMMER H3T prototype that was sporting pre-production camouflage.

The image confirms much of what we already know – the HUMMER H3T will have a four door configuration and a five foot bed. A slant-back rear bed cover, reminiscent of the old HUMVEE configuration, was shown sporting a spare tire. Don’t expect to see the slant-back as a factory option anytime soon – but it sure does look cool! Autoblog’s sources say that the vehicle will come with an optional hard tonneau cover. They also gave some insight into some interesting new features we haven’t heard about before.

One other option that has been revealed is the possibility of optional cargo boxes that are made specifically to fit the new bed configuration. The boxes will be removable, making it easier to take tools and supplies out of the HUMMER and right to work site – one may even be specifically for your lunch! Interesting.

It was mentioned that the H3T will contain a front locker, but I’m wondering if this is a reporting mistake – since a rear locker wasn’t mentioned and is standard or optional on other HUMMER models. The HUMMER H1 was the only HUMMER to offer a front locker, and that was in its later years. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see front and rear lockers in the H3T (and H3 and H2 for that matter…) but only time will tell if this account is accurate.

The H3’s 3.7 liter, inline 5 cylinder engine, along with the 5.3 liter V8 are the rumored options for the heart of the H3T’s powertrain.

With the HUMMER H3T showing up for anyone to see for an entire week in Baja, expect the official announcement to be coming soon.

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