HUMMER in 2014: Retaining More Value than Any Other Vehicle

2010 Hummer H2 Resale Value 2014“I have to confess, we checked the numbers a few times on that one,” said the VP of Research for Canadian Black Book about the HUMMER H2 retaining more value than any other vehicle.

Black Book is well known among dealers in the US and Canada as a leading source of vehicle values for dealer appraisals since much of their data comes from auction information and real-time sales.

The “Best Resale Value” award went to HUMMER at the opening of the Canadian International Auto Show where 19 vehicles were honored for their resale value. Toyota got the bulk of the awards across the different categories which included best retained value for luxury cars, full-size pickups, etc.

Representatives from Black Book explained that the vehicles in all the other categories retained 50 to 65 percent of their value after four years, and they were surprised to see the HUMMER H2 come in at a staggering 71..14 percent of its MSRP.

There is some anecdotal evidence that the high marks come as some vehicles are being sold overseas or otherwise exported to countries with higher demand – but in that there are still plenty of locals interested in HUMMER and that’s driving the wholesale/resale value up.

“Its value actually increased last year, so it’s bit of an anomaly.”

The HUMMER H3 also made the list – finishing right behind the Toyota FJ Cruiser in the Mid-Size SUV category.

Sadly, since the report is only done on 4-year resale values and the H2’s last year was 2010, this will be the last time that HUMMER’s resale values are measured up against the competition.  Though, it’d be interesting to see HUMMER’s 5-year numbers vs everyone else’s 4 years numbers last year.  I wouldn’t count on anyone going out of their way to research and publish something that puts HUMMER in a positive light, so we won’t hold our breath on that one.

Full Release at Canadian Black Book

The results by category are listed below:

Sub-compact Car

1. Honda Fit

2. Kia Soul

3. Volkswagen Beetle

Compact Car

1. Toyota Prius

2. Volkswagen Golf

3. Subaru Impreza

Mid-size Car

1. Subaru Outback

2. Volkswagen Passat CC

3. Volkswagen Passat

Full-size Car

1. Toyota Avalon

2. Nissan Maxima

3. Buick LaCrosse

Entry Luxury Car

1. BMW 1 Series

2. Audi A4

3. Lexus IS Series

Luxury Car

1. Lexus GS Series

2. BMW 5 Series

3. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Premium Luxury Car

1. Porsche Panamera

2. BMW 6 Series

3. Lexus LS Series

Premium Sports Car

1. Porsche Boxster

2. Nissan GT-R

3. Audi R8

Sports Car

1. Dodge Challenger

2. Volkswagen GTI

3. BMW Z4

Small Pickup

1. Toyota Tacoma

2. Ford Explorer Sport Trac

3. Honda Ridgeline

Full-size Pickup

1. Toyota Tundra

2. Chevrolet Avalanche

3. Ram Heavy Duty


1. Honda Odyssey

2. Toyota Sienna

3. Ford Flex

Full-size Van

1. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

2. GMC Savana

3. Chevrolet Express

Compact SUV

1. Jeep Wrangler

2. Honda CR-V

3. Subaru Forester

Mid-size SUV

1. Toyota FJ Cruiser

2. Hummer H3

3. Toyota 4Runner

Full-size SUV

1. Toyota  Sequoia

2. Nissan Armada

3. Kia Borrego

Compact Luxury SUV

1. Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class

2. Acura RDX

3. Infiniti EX Series

Mid-size Luxury SUV

1. Land Rover LR4

2. Infiniti FX Series

3. Porsche Cayenne

Full-size Luxury SUV

1. Hummer H2

2. Mercedes-Benz G-Glass

3. Lexus LX570

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