Autoweek Reviews Hummer H3 Driving Academy

Hummer H3 Offroad South Bend
If you’re interested in finding out exactly what your Hummer H3 is capable of – the Hummer Driving Academy may be for you. It’s located minutes from the Hummer H2 and Humvee factories, and is operated by AM General. They originally built the facility for Humvee off-roading and military training (which it is still used for). The land was also at one point the proving grounds for South Bend based Studebaker. AMG first opened it up to owners of H1s, then H2s, and now H3s. The training ranges from 2 days to 5 days depending on which course you select – and recently some lucky reporters from Autoweek published an article about their experience. Be sure to check out the Hummer H3 photo gallery attached to the story!
Hummer H3 Driving Academy

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