Bob Lutz: Chevy Volt could run on HUMMER Power

Hummer Lutz Colbert Report

We’ve found a little clip to set your weekend off on a good note. Last night, GM VP of design Bob Lutz (the same VP that said global warning was a crock!) was on the Colbert Report. Lutz was brought on the program to talk about GM’s new electric vehicle, the Chevy Volt.

In typical Colbert fashion, the interview was less than serious and quite amusing. Nearing the end of the interview, Colbert even asked Lutz if he could “actually charge this thing by plugging it into the cigarette adapter in my HUMMER.” Lutz responded by saying, “Actually, if you ran the engine on the HUMMER, and you had it in the 115 A/C adapter, you probably could charge it off the HUMMER but you’d be using a pile of gasoline while doing it!”

“Amen, Brother – I can have my planet and eat it too,” said Colbert, concluding the interview. Enjoy the clip and happy weekend!

Source: Comedy Central, via Autoblog

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