Chinese Reaction to HUMMER Brand Purchase

There’s a fair share of opinion swirling around both stateside and overseas about GM’s intent to sell the HUMMER brand to China’s Sichuan Tengzhong.

To get some perspective on what the Chinese think about the deal, check out China Car Times’ comment compilation (btw, nice photo choice!) – here are a select few:

“What does China lack the most? Its not technology, its branding. Technology needs one generation, craftwork takes three generations, but branding takes generations of history to build.”

“Nobody has ever heard of Sichuan Teng Zhong brand, never mind the Hummer brand. In one bite they have become a fat man, I strongly support our national enterprises opening new boundaries. Could it be said that we’ve found yet another area of economic development?”

“What are you doing buying rubbish? Sichuan people have too much money.”

A mixed bag to say the least (I’m not even sure if the middle quote is positive or negative!) – though we’re sure both sides will be pretty excited when they see new products starting to hit the U.S. market and markets around the world.

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