Criss Angel’s ‘Midfreak’ Hummer H2 on display at SEMA 2006

RealWheels never ceases to impress with the custom vehicles they bring to the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Last year it was “The Guardian” Hummer H3 that had a price tag of $275,000. This year they’re bringing the ‘Mindfreak’ Hummer H2. The RealWheels team joined with the star of A&E’s show ‘Mindfreak’ Criss Angel. The truck has a Halloween magic theme to it – something that attracted the famous illusionist. “I’ve always been a big fan of magic, and this year’s SEMA show opening on Halloween presented us with the perfect opportunity to create something very unusual. When I shared our idea with Criss, he was thrilled to be part of the project,” said RealWheels vice president Jhan R. Dolphin. This will most likely be the most unusual Hummer at the show this year – but, I’m sure it wont be the ONLY unusual Hummer. We’ll be at SEMA tomorrow – pictures and updates will soon follow!

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