Denver Area Police use Hummers during Snow Emergencies

Lone Tree Police Hummer H3
If you were flying around the Christmas holiday, your flights were probably messed up – most everyone’s were! The blizzard that shut down Denver International Airport caused delays, cancellations, and headaches around the country. It also made day-to-day life miserable for locals in the Denver metro area – but one city department was prepared. Back in March, the Lone Tree Police Department purchased Hummer H3 police vehicles, and they were prepared to handle the wintry weather. The Hummers allowed officers to help stranded motorists, take hospital personnel to work, and even transport a surgeon to do emergency open heart surgery! The chief praised the Hummers on the city’s website – most likely because I bet many in the area saw the original purchase of the Hummers as a waste and wouldn’t be needed. It’s stories like this that show how well Hummers, right off the assembly line, can be a life-saver in extreme driving conditions!

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