Emily Miller Makes History with Team HUMMER

Emily Miller Team HUMMEREarly Saturday morning, Emily Miller of Team HUMMER drove across the finish line and secured her place in history as the first female to ever pilot the entire 457-mile Vegas to Reno off-road race.

Driving into the history books didn’t come easy for Miller, whose HUMMER H2 race truck suffered its first setback at mile 80 when a severe impact caused the front passenger wheel to be ripped off. The Team HUMMER crew was able to reconstruct the front end in the pits and get Miller back in the race. Not a moment too soon, either. After two hours in the pit, the team finished the repair just 8 minutes before the pit closed for the race.

Jake Povey was the navigator for the #4110 H2, and Miller describes Povey as her “navigator, coach, mechanic, motivator and friend,” and credits him for helping her finish. “Driving the entire race is much more arduous than it appears,” said Miller. “It’s grueling enough when things are going well, but when things go wrong, it becomes even more difficult to stay focused. I could not have finished this race without the Team HUMMER support crew.”

Miller and Povey finished the race in 16 hours and 40 minutes with an average speed of 27.3 mph.

Congrats to Emily for her historic run!

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