Extreme Hummer Hate Ignites Fear in Denver

Fri, Mar 23, 2007

Hummer News

Hummer Arson
The eco-terrorists are at it again, and Hummers are still the target. A recent string of Arsons in Denver bring up memories of the Hummer Dealerships that went up in Flames a few years ago by the Eco-Terrorist group ELF. One suspect has been arrested, but the fire department investigators say there is still no link to string the arsons together. I suppose that they’re all SUVs, all in Denver, all arson, and at least one had ELF tagged on the door (investigators won’t release if the other 3 had similar markings), isn’t enough of a link to tie them together. One individual from involved in the 03 fire-bombings of Hummer dealerships is serving an 8 year sentence for the crime.

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