First Digital Camouflage Humvee

Digital Camouflage Humvee
Humvees are made to blend into the environment they’ll be working in. I remember in the early 90’s seeing the stock-piled Humvees at the plant go from feilds of green camo to a uniform desert sand color. (Real desert sand, not GM’s H2 color ‘desert sand’ – which was greenish?) Now the military is going to a more technical approach to camouflage with digital camo. The Highet Kräcker Design company chose to take on the challenge of creating one of the first digital camo Humvees. After 4 weeks and a lot of hard work – their project paid off. The vehicle is used by the N.C. Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Command Center. The Humvee has already gotten so much acclaim they’ve sent 3 more to be produced – and other states are calling about the unique pattern and how they can get their hands on it. Nice job by the folks at the Kracker group who took on the difficult project to start with — looks like it may pay off!
Traditional Humvee Camo vs Digital Humvee Camouflage

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