Four Wheeler Magazine takes on HUMMER H3 Alpha Project

Four Wheeler Magazine Hummer H3 Alpha Project

What’s starting out as a stock 2008 HUMMER H3 Alpha will soon become whatever the folks at Four Wheeler Magazine can think up. HUMMER has provided the magazine with an H3 to undergo a “Four Wheeler Transformation.”

“Right outta the box the H3 Alpha is an outstanding building platform and it’s super capable. Our plan is to take it to the next level. In a world where many Hummer products undergo a nauseating pimpification that strangles their inherent offroadability, our plan is to go the totally opposite route. We’re going to enhance the H3s function without sacrificing reliability and we’re going to give it a rugged look that’s unlike any other H3. Stay tuned.”

We’re pumped to see what the Four Wheeler team will come up with in the next few weeks and months! We’re also wondering if we name the H3 “Four Wheeler of the Year” as Four Wheeler Magazine did, HUMMER will give us a vehicle to customize too! Probably not…but a test drive in the completed Four Wheeler truck would work for us!

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