General Motors Cuts HUMMER Production at H2, H3 Plants

Earlier today, General Motors announced further details of their aggressive ‘realignment’ to current market conditions, this time in the form of manufacturing cuts. A total of 117,000 trucks and SUVs once scheduled for production have been cut. Among those cuts are slowdowns at the HUMMER H2 plant in Indiana, and the HUMMER H3 plant in Louisiana.

The HUMMER H3 plant will reduce its output by eliminating one of their two shifts – the evening shift. According to GM spokesperson Tony Sapienza, the cuts in Shreveport, LA will affect about 670 hourly workers and 90 salaried employees. HUMMER production at the H2 plant will remain at one shift, but output will be reduced by one third. Since the H2 is manufactured by Humvee-maker AM General, job reduction figures for the Mishawaka, IN plant have not yet been made available.

General Motors has already spent over $73 million in improvements to its Shreveport plant just to produce the upcoming HUMMER H3T vehicle scheduled to hit dealers later this year. That plant also produces the GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado pickup trucks in addition to its H3 brethren.

Meanwhile, the HUMMER H2 plant is exploring other avenues of production, most recently with the possibility of manufacturing the unique looking Standard Taxi.

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