GM’s Bob Lutz Calls Global Warming a Crock

Bob Lutz Hummer

At a time when General Motors is preaching about ‘going green’ you don’t except one of the Vice Presidents of the company to say that global warming is a crock. The always outspoken Bob Lutz has once again undoubtedly sent the PR crew at General Motors into a frenzy after comments he made at a lunch in the DFW area with Dallas-based D Magazine: Global warming is a “total crock of ****.”

So why then is GM motivated to go green, and have all HUMMER’s run on biofuels by 2010? While not responding to HUMMERs in particular, Lutz made his viewpoint on global warming known: “I’m a skeptic, not a denier. Having said that, my opinion doesn’t matter…I’m motivated more by the desire to replace imported oil than by the CO2 (argument).”

The reduction of foreign oil is top of mind for this ex-marine turned GM top dog – I wonder what the official response will be? We’ll let you know!

Source: D Magazine, via AutoBlogGreen

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  1. that picture is of him sitting in the first RHD H3 at the only licensed UK dealer (at the time), called Bauer Millett.