GM Extends 0% Financing on all 2007 Hummers

If you thought you missed the 0% financing offer from Hummer – you’re in luck. General Motors has extended the program for 2007 H2 and H3 models until September 4th. On H2 they’re even offering 3.9% financing on 72 month purchases (3.9% for H3 72 month purchases too). If you’d rather not finance, there are incentives not available with the special rate. $2500 on Hummer H3, $3000 on H2 SUT and SUV. Not bad! With 2008 model H3s hitting the ground, and H2s soon to follow, it’s evident that Hummer is trying to move 2007 models quickly. Just remember the cash incentives are not available with 0%.

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