GM may discuss HUMMER in realignment announcement

Rick Wagoner HUMMER HX General Motors will soon be announcing its plan to “align business to current market conditions.” That single quote is all that GM has given, which has really begun some speculation. Due to the lack of details, it is uncertain if GM will even talk about HUMMER — but we’re betting that there’s at least mention, and maybe more. The announcement will be made to dealers and GM employees tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM ET, followed by a press conference at 9:00. We’ll be listening in to CEO Rick Wagoner’s address, and will bring you updates as soon as we know more.

UPDATE 8am 7/15: HUMMER not a big story in GM’s big announcment

Until then, here’s some speculation from around the web:

Alex from Autoblog: “The fact that GM is being so nebulous leads us to believe that this will be a significant announcement. Is a brand getting killed? Could we hear of a particular vehicle line getting scrapped? Are there going to be more closings? Will we hear that something new is getting greenlit, like the Chevy Beat?”

John from the Wall Street Journal: “’This is real, hard stuff,’ one person briefed on the plan said. ‘It not only assures our survival, but will make us a radically leaner, more focused company with much lower fixed cost.’”

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