GM Revisiting Four Chinese HUMMER Offers

At least four Chinese companies were contacted by General Motors just days after their announcement in February to sell the HUMMER brand, according to Reuters. All four had been in discussions on the HUMMER brand previously, but only two were interested in the entire brand – the other two were only interested in tooling and equipment from HUMMER’s Shreveport production plant.

The names of the Chinese firms were not disclosed, but some analysts believe they are not current players in the automotive sector – rather companies seeking to break into the consumer auto segment like Tengzhong would have done before their deal to purchase HUMMER met regulatory setbacks in China.

Given those setbacks, one industry analyst says he’s “not sure anyone has the guts to challenge Beijing after it just killed the (Tengzhong) deal,” and suggested that Chinese companies now would most likely only be interested in the brand’s production equipment.

Just because these are the only discussions we have knowledge of doesn’t mean they’re the only discussions on the brand – something to keep in mind before engraving HUMMER’s tombstone just yet.

Source: Reuters

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  1. Thank you Hummeraddict,

    I appreciate your considerate display of intelligence here, as there seems to be some who are more concerned with questioning ones reputation and honorable intentions, than thinking about how to help HUMMER stay alive in America. 🙁

    I thank Brian for not convicting Richard and I, based on Hellbound’s accusations.

    Thank goodness for “cool heads”. 😎

  2. @Hellbound13

    Unless you have a cinderblock in your head, you would see Carolyn is a woman when you click on her profile at Twitter, unless I am good at pretending to be a woman to thousands of people with many pictures of a woman who is not me each day on Twitter and an entire life I don’t actually live.

    However rather than argue to somebody who is clearly burnt out, simply post your telephone number and Carolyn and I will call you via conference line so all three of us can talk this out like adults, no more games, now is the time to hammer this thing out as I’m ready to move on.

  3. @hummdude

    Yeah, spammers who take several decades to manufacture an entirely different life in order to spam the website with no financial gain to be had by it, good call, NOT!!!

    You sound like another one needing a telephone call, post your phone number and Carolyn and I will call you ASAP to set the record straight!!!

  4. @hummeraddict

    Well not everybody here is from America, Hellbound13 is a Jew so maybe he thinks we are all hell bound except for him and his Jewish followers. Not sure, but I never did like his attitude from day one like he thinks he is better than us or something.

    I never threaten people, however at the same time I don’t believe in allowing people to troll or flame threads.

    Yes, I am an enthusiast to the highest degree for sure!!! I don’t see a problem with it either!!!

    Yes, the simple answer is for haters not to read my posts, however in actuality it is the haters who are first to read my posts, thus it’s time to set them straight once and for all.

    Thus if anybody wants to run their mouth on here, make damn good and sure you post your telephone number too so Carolyn and I can call you and see what your problem is as I have had enough of these games.

    Everybody is so tough when they hide behind a computer and use fake identities however I have a feeling attitudes are going to change once we start conducting teleconference calls.

  5. @Carolyn

    Yes, thus far hummeraddict is my favourite person here besides you.

    Yes, it is clear hummeraddict has a brain, at least he thinks before he talks, something that seems to be rare around here.

    Yes, keep HUMMER in America please, wouldn’t that be totally AWESOME!!!

    Brian clearly doesn’t care who says what or he would step up and slow the haters down. However as long as there is activity on his website and no all out profanity, Brian is just sitting back taking it all in.

    Now, instead of questioning Carolyn and I, I suggest we get to discussing summertime activities, has anybody though out a date yet for a convoy to the Ren Center in Detroit?

  6. @ Richard
    I tolerated your post at first cause I enjoyed reading them. They always drift off into some outlandish babble, causing be to chuckle. This new stuff though with that chic Carolyn what the hell, I come here to read opinions of fellow enthusiast not read about how comfortable the back seat of an H2 is. Your post started out okay but quickly dove in to the deep end. You do threaten other users because they don’t agree with your beliefs or opinions. You constantly call everyone out saying that we are not enthusiast but I don’t believe anyone has ever seen you participate in any group function. You criticize hellbounds religion, I hope Brian bans your A$$, Hummer doesn’t need an arrogant prick like you floating around our forums.

  7. Shawndondo,

    In the beginning, I never said anything directly in my posts, that could be identified as really derogatory. I think if anyone has gone off the deep end, it is those who are so angry that they are saying way more than my post about the back seat of a HUMMER could ever imply.

    Shawndondo, I hope that you will never post such nasty remarks again as I am sure Brian never intended for this kind of communication to ever go on here. If anyone is to be banned, it should be you!

  8. @shawndondo

    You tolerated my posts? What is that suppose to mean, who the heck are you exactly?

    Right, at first I did like to make folks chuckle, but due to haters I am not playing around here anymore, if you want me to crack some jokes, than haters are going to need fall in to line or things are going to stay very serious around here for now on.

    Carolyn is no chick. She is corporate executive, so I suggest you speak with some respect because you could learn a lot from her.

    If a man like me who is on his second HUMMER can’t talk about the backseat of his HUMMER, than what is the point in even having a HUMMER, give me a break please. Besides, it was you yourself who said HUMMER needs better marketing, and Carolyn is the best marketer in the world, so pay some respect where respect is due.

    Last time I checked, I don’t owe you anything Shawn, so if you don’t like my posts don’t read them.

    I never threatened a user in my life, get over yourself already.

    I would participate in group functions but there are very few HUMMER owners where I live, in fact I may be one of the only ones in this whole city, besides a few H3 owners and one old H1 owned by one of my friends at the local strip club. That is why I want to go to the Ren Center and meet some real HUMMER owners in person this summer to help save HUMMER!!!

    Yes, when Panama Red criticized me for being a hardcore Christian, nobody stepped up in my defence, but when old timer hellbound13 runs his mouth you are the first to chime in, get over yourself please. There is nothing worse than a pack of self indulging, self centered hypocrites.

    Only arrogant prick is you sir, however instead of hiding behind your keyboard, I suggest you post your phone number so Carolyn and I can give you a call on our direct teleconference line right now as only losers argue on the internet all day, thus I am not going to keep playing along any longer because I am no loser and I have important corporate matters to attend to, not trying to defend myself to a bunch of haters who hide their identities and contact details.

    If anybody else makes a post here, post your phone number too as I am calling you directly right now as I am done with trading flames back and forth all day long.

  9. Can we get back to discussing HUMMER everyone?

  10. hummeraddict, I would Love to do that!
    Do you have any ideas on how to get this HUMMER convoy project going? We need to work on that right away if its going to happen.

  11. @hummeraddict

    I agree with you 100%, let’s talk about how to get the largest convoy of HUMMERs in all of history to the Ren Center this summer, logistics, dates, planned activities, lodging arrangements, etc.

    That is what I want to spend my time on for now on, only positive issues. I promised Carolyn a parade this summer of HUMMERs, and that is exactly what my baby is going to get!!! 😎

  12. Here ya go Richard, 1-800-URA-TOOL. Call away “Chuck Lidell”.

  13. H3TSurfer!

    You are being Stupid! Slow down on the Testosterone and use your Brain for a change! Stop Wolfing and Start Planning. Please!!!

  14. I told Carolyn 1-800-URA-TOOL is a fake number, but Carolyn wanted me to call it anyways, so I called it which translates in to 1-800-872-8665 and I reached Martin Sprocket and Gear. I talked to Human Resources and there was no Chuck Lidell listed in the employee records.

    Grow some balls H3TSurfer, post your “REAL” phone number and name, or get lost because I’m not going to waste my time communicating to a man who does not have the balls to talk to me on the telephone, you sir are acting like a snotty nose punk.

  15. Well, you have succeeded in sounding like a tool again. At least your consistant. I will have to say that I don’t have the balls to talk to you on the phone though……..because I’m a woman. My name is Kris and my real number is 401-285-2051. Bring it tough guy!

  16. @ H3TSurfer…NICE, he and his fuggly girl are TOOLS!

    If you’re ever on Cape Cod let me know 🙂

  17. OMG!
    I give up.
    Why did you have to start again Surfer? Just leave it alone. Just leave it alone. Seriously! please!

    As for the convoy, I would love to. Problem is, I’m not independently wealthy. I wish I could drive around the US with a hundred HUMMERS, but I would only have the money for a one or two states. 🙂

    Goodnight peoples.

  18. I lived my early driving years in the late 80s to early 90s, so becoming part of the mini trucking scene was a given for me. My low riding family was portrayed as a bunch of punks or thugs, but to be honest, any one of my brothers or sisters would have given me the shirt off their back if I asked for it.

    Fast forward 20 years…

    I bought my yellow 2006 H3 Adventure at Vic Alfonso HUMMER in Portland, Oregon brand new right off the showroom floor. Sadly, I had to sell my Baby as my Texas homeland was calling and I needed the money for the move. This brings me to why I frequent this site. Because I was sure I was going to meet Brian at the Dallas or Plano Sewell HUMMER when I bought my next Lovely. I’ve actually been eyeing 2 used HUMMERs lately, but I’m hesitant to purchase. I’ve never seen,heard or read of worse camaraderie within a group than here. Each of you are so busy symbolically showing the other that you think you have the biggest weiner. YOU OWN A HUMMER FOR PETE’S SAKE!! How will you ever support your cause to save HUMMER if you can’t even support each other. As for me, don’t look for me. I’m already gone looking for that HUMMER forum that can prove to me that HUMMER owners aren’t just a bunch of thugs.

  19. Oh yes… one more thing. Go ahead and poke your fun at me too. Call me names. You’ll just prove that much more why I don’t want to be associated with all your wickedness. To me HUMMER should be synonymous with benevolence.

  20. seriously if we are going to start this convoy thing…then lets get goin on it..whats the hold up. my email is