GM to Launch HUMMER in India in 2008 – Maybe

Hummer H3 Docks
CNN Money is reporting that General Motors said today that it may start importing HUMMER and Cadillac vehicles to India. Although, the key word is ‘may.’ Back in November of 2006 GM announced the same thing, only to retract that announcement a few days later. Perhaps GM was looking for a more positive response and didn’t feel it was the right time to enter the market. The choice to move forward in 2008 probably has to do with India being the fastest growing major-economy, 2nd only to China, and the fact the number of high-net worth individuals in India rose over 20% in 2006.’s traffic from India has really picked up — if that’s any indication of India’s interest in the HUMMER, the H3’s introduction should be a hit!

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